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Birthdate:May 24
Character: Priere
Series: La Pucelle: Tactics (Nippon Ichi series)
Version: La Pucelle only
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Priere is 159 cm tall, with a fair complexion, brown eyes, red-pinkish hair that falls in bangs... one of the biggest chest size you've ever seen on a 16 years old girl, and muscular legs and wide hips that just might make her appear a tad more overweight than she actually is. Basically, she's anything but what you'd expect from a Sister.

Her clothing, or lack of clothing, looks like a cross between a nun's outfit and a maid... (though, in her defence, it is her uniform, hand picked by the perverted Father Salade). Anyway, she wears a form fitting navy-blue, very short, dress with what resembles a white apron with purple trims. That apron is pretty much the only thing in her outfit that prevents the world from seeing her underwear. (yes, it's THAT short). The dress has wide sleeves and opens up at the shoulder and the thighs to show off those parts, tied with pink ribbons. She has a pair of white socks trimmed with lace, and a matching pair of gloves, with little yellow ribbons on each. She has a pair of reddish brown stocking covering her legs and a two toned pair of brown boots, however, in most art, her legs are simply bare. She wears a white nurse cap trimmed with purple with one golden cross dangling from each side. She also wears a similar cross as a necklace. She has a small pink pouch that she carries on the small of her back that contains most of her equipment and her weapon of choice, a white and gold baton, tipped by a prominent golden cross.

Personality: Priere is a Sister of the Church... not that you'd ever know by meeting her. She's brash, violent, short tempered, stubborn, rude, and rather vulgar, at least, much more then what a Sister should be. She gets angry fast, and her reactions can range from simply looking very, very ticked off, to sending a person flying into the air in a well placed punch. Not only that, but this also translates at her acting before she thinks, both in her actions, and her words. She's very straightforwards and honest, and won't hesitate to tell you what she thinks in your face. This also makes her about as subtle as a truck. She's quite transparent and usually pretty much shows her emotions on her sleeve.

Usually, because, there IS one exception. She hates to show any kind of weakness, especially in front of people she cares about. See, when she was young, her parents died. Seeing her little brother cry, she decided to take care of him in the place of their parents, and for her, this meant that she had to be strong. This usually means that she'll avoid talking about nearly anything that could bring her pain, mostly the topic of her dead parents, usually changing the subject. This can make her appear cold to most people. When she does show signs of weakness, you can be sure that she does so in private.

However, this doesn't mean that she doesn't have a soft side, she just shows it very, very rarely. She can be very compassionated, even more so to her enemies, showing sadness, pity, and even understanding at some of their actions... after kicking their butts to the curb and then some. She also seems to have a "big sister" complex with a lot of kids from around town, heck, she asked the princess of her country to call her "big sis" on their first meeting.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Priere's weapon is a baton... and yet, she's much more comfortable just using her fists and legs to get the job done. She's a strong physical fighter, and while she might not be agile and graceful while doing so, it doesn't really matter when she can just send a man three times her size flying. She has no problems hitting anyone, may it be smacking her brother, slapping perfect strangers, or kicking a guy in the crotch... in fact, that last one is one of her special attacks. In fact, she can kick down giant, thick lead doors easy... and this was in the first chapter of the game. Most of her attacks revolve around her whacking, punching, or kicking her opponent in various ways.

Priere is a demon hunter and with that title comes the ability to purify and/or convert dark energy and demons. This eliminates dark energy formations that cause dimensional gates to the Netherworld to appear and allows monsters and demons to join the side of good. It doesn't work on extremely hard or high levelled enemies however unless you have the appropriate demonic title. She can also use miracle attacks while purifying, which allows her to summon the gods to attack the enemy. However, this requires a good dark portal and dark energy setup, so it's not something she can just do as she pleases. Also, being a demon hunter, and accustomed to the supernatural, she's able to see spirits and the like that "normal" people can't see.

In La Pucelle, nearly anyone can use magic. Priere ranges within the average when it comes to magic in general. While her magic attacks are rather weak, she has an average learning rate and if she does apply herself, her miracles can be pretty powerful... even if they're pretty meaningless when compared to Alouette, but she's an exception. She naturally learns a status healing spell and she does use some form of magic in two of her special attacks. One creates wind to launch copies of her batons and the second provokes small explosions as she whacks away. As for magic, she probably knows a bunch of spells of all the elements (fire, ice, wind, thunder, healing, status, and holy) but in the low levels only. Hey, she can learn magic... she just likes to kick stuff better.

Weaknesses: Personality wise? Her temper and her brashness are big weaknesses. She acts before she thinks, and while this has been useful in some situations, in most situations, it doesn't really do anything to help, if not outright endanger everyone around. Crashing a flying airship into a floating building without even thinking of the consequences on purpose is probably the most blatant example of her being brash. Also, while speaking her mind can be incredibly good, this can lead her to be downright rude to other people without even noticing it, even to the people she cares about. Things work out in the end, but this usually creates problems.

Priere usually deals with bad situations pretty well (if not by having what seems to be a "anime freeze-up" moment), but when it becomes too much she simply just stops. She falls asleep and refuses to wake up, in fact, the only reason she woke up and stood up to her problems was because of direct divine intervention... and even then, THAT took a while. She was more then happy to just yell and give the Goddess a piece of her mind for a while instead. However, it takes a whole lot to get her in that state in the first place, so it's not as if she becomes like this on a regular basis.

History: In this world there are two forces. One is the power of Light, ruled by the Goddess Poitreene and the other is the power of Darkness, ruled by the Fallen Angel Calamity. Both of them have one servant to carry on her bidding on Earth, the Maiden of Light and the Dark Prince. Legends warn that one day the Dark Prince will rise again and try to destroy the world and only the Maiden will be able to stand up to him and finally defeat him. As a matter of fact, the teachings of the Church of the Holy Maiden, directly worshipping the Goddess and the Maiden, state that the Maiden of Light and the Dark Prince had a major battle, but the results of said battle are unknown. However, since the world isn't being destroyed by Calamity, it's pretty much assumed that things turned out okay in the end.

And anyway, this means that there's currently no Maiden of Light, which is a good thing for Priere. She's a junior demon hunter for La Pucelle, the demon hunting squad of the Church of the Holy Maiden, and dreams of becoming the next Maiden of Light... much to the exasperation of her younger brother, Culotte, and her teacher, Sister Alouette. See, Priere is very serious about becoming the next Maiden, except that you'd never expect it from the way she's acting. Everyone around her pretty much knows that she's too violent, lenient, disrespectful, and pretty much the complete opposite of what she's trying to become to ever be the next Maiden. Doesn't matter though, Priere is dedicated to go defeat demons to keep the balance between Light and Darkness... somewhat. Anyway, seven years ago, Culotte and her lost their parents in a carriage accident, leaving them to live at the local orphanage ran by Father Salade and his wife. After the death of her parents, Priere swore to protect her little brother and be a mother to him, something that left her with a "Big Sister" complex that she just can't shake off. In fact most the other orphans, and some of her younger friends simply call her Big Sis. Three years after that, they joined the Church, with Priere already bent on becoming the Maiden. Father Salade then trained her in everything she knows to get her ready to get her demon hunting licence.

Anyway, their job as demon hunters/exorcists pretty much revolved around solving problems of the demonic kind. One of her first important missions was to go investigate the appearance of zombies in the sewers near town. For the first time, Alouette put her in command of the mission, and after a few moments of hesitation near an underground haunted castle, managed to solve the problem. Seems like the old count there became a vengeful ghost trying to protect his castle from enemy troops, but in the end, they managed to exorcise everyone, reunite the count with his dead and trapped family, and teach a lesson to the mastermind (via an ethereal hitting crotch kick, courtesy of Priere) , the count's brother, who killed the entire castle via poison out of jealousy. Her first mission a success, her team was quickly dispatched to deal with a new problem, a shape shifting demon who could scan the minds of people and assume the identity of someone they cared about in order to rip their hearts out. However, right at the start of the mission, Priere and Culotte got in a fight over their past and it ended up with her pretty much insulting her little brother... which lead him, a small, rather physically weak, 12 years old child, to run off in the mountains. After realizing what happened, Priere freaked out and dashed after him, especially since the demon was last spotted in those mountains. They finally tracked both the demon and Culotte down (after the demon tried to impersonate Father Salade), except in the worst possible way. He had scanned Culotte and appeared before him in the form of his dead mother. They were too late and seconds before he was about to kill Culotte, they were saved by a strange gunman called Croix, who thankfully was immune to the demon's power because of amnesia. That man was a freelance demon hunter employed at the moment for the rival Church of the Divine Mother... though he was pretty confused at the fact that the demon claimed that he belonged to the same Church as well. The demon took Culotte as a hostage and the three demon hunters took chase. When they reached him, he tried to shape shift into Priere's father... but Priere wasn't dumb enough to fall for it. They managed to defeat him and learn some pretty nasty things about the rival church. Turns out its run by demons and he had given them his humanity to become a demon in hopes of being able to resurrect his wife, which is why he was stealing hearts. After Priere banishes him (all the while praying for his soul to be purified), she made up with her brother and after some advice about men from Croix, finally accepted that Culotte wasn't a little child anymore. That night, Culotte finally understood why Priere never talked about their parents when he saw her cry all alone. He understood that she simply didn't want him to think of her as weak.

They soon went back to Father Salade to report the situation about the Church of the Divine Mother. While they cannot directly fight them (they are just a small church after all and the other one is the leading faith in Paprica), they'll try to combat the situation little by little while trying to gain more support. Croix joins their side too, for three reasons. One, he's not about to work for a bunch of demons. Two, he needs a job and thinks demon hunting will get him his memory back, and most importantly... he has strange visions of a girl when he looks at Priere. While she's a bit vexed at that at first, she does accept him quickly enough since he did save her brother's life. After a quick report to the royal family about the last mission, they find themselves with a new problem. Seems like two men got attacked by a beast in the woods, and it's up to the new team to go and defeat it. However, after only one glance at the beast, Croix declares that it was rather gravely harmed and that the two suspicious guys at Church were probably hunters. Seeing as the beast only attacked them in self defence, Priere decides to call the hunt quits... which doesn't sit well at all with Alouette. Alouette thinks that even if it's self defence, the beast harmed a human, thus it must be punished. The fight escalates up to the point where Priere flat out states that not everything written in the Holy Book is correct, and makes Alouette claim that Priere shouldn't even be allowed to be in Church for saying that. The boys manage to stop the fighting before it gets too rough, but it's obvious that at this point, it's on between the two of them. They return home for the moment... only to discover Father Salade used a bit of physical persuasion on the two hunters to make them spit out that they were hired by the Church of the Divine Mother to kill the beast. Exploring the woods further, they also discover the reason why the other Church wants the beast dead, it's the Forest Lord and if it dies, all the monsters in the forest would turn violent. Even after this, Alouette still seems reluctant to aid Priere, until they meet up with one of the demons from the Church. They manage to kill him, but not before he would mortally wound the Forest Lord. Priere desperately tries to heal him... but since his wounds are great and healing isn't her forte, it fails... at least until Alouette heals it all by herself, nearly killing herself doing so. This finally stops the rivalry between the two of them and finally they start to see each other more as friends, though it still doesn't stop Alouette from complaining about Priere's lack of modesty... until both of them realise that their rather revealing outfits were given to them by Father Salade.

There were no survivors-- wait, wrong game... I mean, no one knows what happened after that, but it's assumed they both gave him a piece of their minds...

For a while, they continue on with missions as usual, beating up giant whales born from a child weird fantasies, air pirates, talking pussycats that are air pirates... you know, just your basic problems. However, they keep running into agents of the rival church and it becomes apparent that they are trying to raise dark energy across the land in order to revive the Dark Prince. During their last encounter, which revolved around furry demons spawned from hair growth products (no, really), Priere began to realize that she had feelings for Croix. They have been rapidly becoming friends and right before this, he'd even admitted that she was the first one he'd trust to watch his back. However, things were already starting to look glum, especially when the head of the Church, Noir, made himself known. Noir managed to banish the demon they were fighting (because Noir didn't want the demon to burn down the forest) rather easily, showing off a little bit of his Demon Lord strength.

That night, Alouette had a strange dream where the Goddess told them to seek out a place called Fatima. At first Priere got a bit jealous that Alouette had a message from the Goddess (hey SHE was supposed to be the next Maiden, not Alouette), but the job suddenly took an ugly turn. Since no one knew what Fatima was, they received permission to enter the royal library on the condition that they rid the palace of a certain Dark Knight that comes around at night. Turns out that the Dark Knight is the dark side manifestation of Princess Eclair, the next Queen and Priere's best friend. She was getting a lot of pressure from pretty much everyone around her due to her various training to become a Queen, a demon hunter, and a candidate for the next Maiden as well. All this overwhelmed her and she accidently created a "dark self" personality that would come out and cause havoc at night, without her knowledge. This was problematic since if she couldn't get rid of that side of her, she'd eventually lose to the darkness and become a demon herself. So, Alouette decided to take a drastic measure (hey, she IS the next queen after all, so it's not as if they can just beat her up) and sends the four of them into Eclair's heart to directly purify the darkness. They manage to reach the source of the problem, where they find her dark persona wanting to take over and "be real". They manage to purify her and Eclair is once again her normal self. And even better, they get access to the info they were searching for... at least, that was the plan. Turns out that the books are rather useless down there, however, they do meet a strange, zombie like dragon, called Hermes, who claims to be a mediator between the forces of Light and Darkness. In order to get any sort of information out of him, they end up having to steal... I mean talk to the air pirates into giving them a giant gem. It eventually works and they learn about Fatima. Turns out that 200 years ago, the country of Fatima was a poor one, filled with problems and political and religious corruption. Eventually, Fatima's problems cumulated into witch hunts... which eventually led to the entire destruction of the country in one night by the Dark Prince. With all of this in mind, they set sail for Fatima on the pirate's airship and Princess Eclair.

However, the trip gets ugly fast. Not only are Priere and Croix starting to act weird (Croix because of strange dreams, Priere just starting to be moody about Croix being a jerkass), and the fact that the trip is hitting a difficult point due to toxic clouds covering Fatima, but one of Noir's direct underlings, a powerful Demon Lord decides to crash the ship. They don't make it in time to stop him, but Alouette manages to create a big enough miracle to spare their lives in the process. In a way, this solves part of their problems since they couldn't reach Fatima by air, they can now go via jungle and underground caves... at least once they can get past a giant tree thing with tentacles. They don't really ever get a break as you can see. They finally make it out of the caves and reach Couscous village in Fatima. Things are pretty normal at first, if only for the small misunderstanding by a villager that Priere and Croix were a couple (which they denied faster then you can say "everyone can see it"), but it didn't last long. In the middle of the night, they woke up only to find themselves being attacked by the villagers, now under the control of the second Demon Lord under Noir's command. Exploiting the fact that they wouldn't harm the hypnotized villagers, the demon turned them into manticores and let them loose on the group, who after a hard battle, somehow managed to defeat the Demon Lord. However, during the fight, Priere got captured, tied up to a pole... and ridiculed by some members of her own group for getting into such a situation. Priere and Homard banter for a while... before the Demon Lord, enraged that no one is taking this seriously, orders one of the villagers to go and skewer their hostage up. Before anyone can do anything about this, Croix goes berserk. Something snapped inside of him just as Priere was about to get killed, and the next thing everyone knew was that he had singlehandedly defeated, tortured, and killed the Demon Lord, who had pretty much been reduced to begging the rest of them for mercy before the latter. It's only after he punched Priere, who was trying to stop him at the moment, that he finally went back to normal, not really understanding just what happened and broke down.

By the next morning, tensions were high in the group, but Priere didn't want to hear any of it. She made sure Croix was fine, or as fine as he could be, and they decided to set off for some clues. After learning about where the Dark Prince was born from a trapped spirit, they get ambushed by the same Demon Lord that made them crash their airship. The finally get to settle the score, but, the demon reveals that killing him would mess up the dark energies around them, and would also destroy the many, many trapped ghosts. Alouette doesn't care and is willing to make that sacrifice... except, this doesn't sit well with anyone else. Even Culotte, who's pretty much always agreeing with her can't help but yell at her. In the end however, it becomes a moot point, as the ghosts sacrifice themselves to destroy the demon and the group can finally move on to a strange hill where everything supposedly began.

Strangely enough, the place looks quite serene for the birthplace of the Dark Prince. However, they do discover something odd on a big, old tree there. Written in ancient Paprican, which only Eclair can read in the team, is "Croix loves Angelique" in a heart. Before Priere can freak the hell out about this however, they all get swallowed by a flash of light and, according to Alouette, end up way back in the past. How she figured this one out, no one knows, but okay, in the past, that's cool right? More like time to collectively freak out.

Anyway, they make their way back to the Couscous village in the past, only to be intercepted by a strange woman who looks a lot like Priere, calling Croix out. She introduces herself as Angelique, Croix's fiancée... which doesn't sit well with Priere, so sir. They do end up convincing her that he isn't the Croix she knows, and the woman decides to invite them for dinner, so they can meet the "other Croix". With everyone already confused enough as it is, Croix mentions that he feels as if he came from this time, which as some point out, doesn't make any sense. Priere on the other hand, tries to mentally prepare herself to HATE the woman who's in love with the same guy as her.

But Priere quickly finds out that she's unable to do so. Angelique is just a nice person in general and she can find to reasons to hate her. In fact, both of them get along pretty well, with Angelique even pointing out they could be sisters. However, Angelique has something else on her mind, "her" Croix is late and this could be dangerous for him. See Croix has dark powers and the night isn't good for him because of that, sometimes causing him to hurt people. It's revealed that both of them have been persecuted for their powers, though she usually gets off easier since she has "light powers". They also learn that she's a follower of Poitreene... except that in this time period, they're being rounded up and executed.

They keep talking for a while, until Angelique points out what everyone has been noticing since the beginning: that Priere and Croix would probably be good together and Croix walks out, a bit embarrassed. At this point, Priere learns that Angelique is actually a few months pregnant on top of everything, which really depresses her as it cements the thought that she and Croix really are THAT close. Not so long after, a villager comes to see Angelique. They need her help because of an accident on the hill, so she leaves immediately. Strangely, she never comes back, even after a few hours later, until Alouette revealed that she had a vision that she would die on that hill, and that her death would bring about the birth of the Dark Prince. As expected, everyone pretty much start screaming at Alouette for hiding this. She says they aren't allowed to change the past, but Priere, not caring one bit, heads off to go save Angelique, with everyone else in tow, including Alouette who reluctantly follows in the end. It turns out that the guy who called her about the accident was lying all the way. He was angry that Angelique was going to marry Croix, so he decided that if she didn't love him, he was going to sell her off to the Imperial Troops for execution. Priere decided to do the only sensible thing possible in this situation, uppercutting the bastard to the heavens and outrunning the troops to go save Angelique. Sadly, they were too late and she was executed in front of their eyes. But the trouble didn't stop there. At the same moment, the Croix from that time period arrives and starts lamenting Angelique's death, while the other Croix talks alongside him. Both of them start cursing humanity, until they finally turn into the Dark Prince and destroy Fatima.

Good thing everyone was brought back to the present right then... except for the fact that the Dark Prince came along too. However, Croix's personality is still present and trying to go back to normal. Priere pleads with him and it looks as if it's working... until Noir shows up and finally pushes Croix over the brink and he gives in completely to his dark side and both of them disappear. This destroys Priere, who's simply staring into nothing in the rain, ignoring everything around her, including the fact that Alouette is in a critical condition. They eventually made it back to Pot au Feu after the rain dissolved the poison cloud and picked up the team.

Back at home, Priere's situation didn't change. She locked herself in her room and refused to wake up... even as the Dark Prince started attacking the Church. At that point, the Goddess Poitreene intervened, telling Priere that she had to go fight the Dark Prince before he kills the Maiden: Alouette. But... Priere had enough. Not only are her dreams pretty much crushed at this point, but now she has to go fight the guy she loves? Why can't the Goddess just get off her lazy ass and fix things herself? Turns out that the Goddess isn't exactly a God anyway, she's just a symbol of the power of light that the people worshipped as a Goddess. She can't really do anything. She simply tells Priere to follow her heart and Priere finally wakes up... and right at a critical moment. Father Salade was nearly exhausted fighting a huge amount of demons to protect Alouette, which Croix needed dead. You see, 50 years ago, Alouette couldn't defeat Croix, so instead she sealed him in ice, sealing his memories along with him, in order to buy time to find a way to defeat him once and for all. However there was a catch, the price to pay for such a miracle was that she had to go through the same ordeal as him. Plus, this linked Alouette's life with Croix: if he was to fully recover his memories and powers, she would die, or vice-versa. So, the Dark Prince was pretty much doing everything to kill Alouette in order to regain his full strength.

Anyway, Priere comes in mid-battle which makes the Dark Prince hesitate, the human part of him reacting to her presence. After declaring that she will save his soul from the darkness, she proceeded to kick his ass. Things looked good, until Noir decided to crash the party... by attacking Croix and knocking him unconscious. Turns out that he had been trying to revive the Dark Prince, but only so that he could use him to gain another, stronger power: the power of Calamity herself. Priere faces him, but Noir escapes, not before taking a sudden interest in her, however. But time is running out. Alouette knows what Noir is up to. Long ago, there were a race of people who lived in the sky and used giant "Angel Gates" to communicate and summon the Gods. But in order to do so, they had to sacrifice someone of the same alignment. Noir is trying to steal the power of Calamity, and so, is planning on killing Croix to get it. Of course, Priere won't allow it and declares that this is a state of emergency-- which means that she has every right to just ram Homard's flying ship at full speed in said Angel Gate once they find it. Needless to say, the Captain wasn't happy.

They eventually made it to the top of the Gate, leaving Homard behind to deal with a demon from his past. Fortunately, Noir hadn't already started the summoning, though they would learn later that this was because Priere bothered her, reminding him of his mother. Anyway, it turned out that his dream of creating an utopia for demons was a big fat lie. All he wants is to destroy all humans, gods, and demons and live all by himself. He was half human, half demon and had been discriminated against nearly all his life because of it, so of course, the only thing left was to destroy it all. Cue "You're insane".

So, they decide to fight to see whose convictions were stronger, and in the end, Priere and co. were victorious. Even as Noir laid there dieing, Priere prayed for his soul, still showing compassion to her enemy. But they still have a problem, Croix may still be alive, but he's still the Dark Prince. Despite protests that doing so will kill her, Alouette uses the last of her strength to send Priere into Croix's heart so that she could finally reach him and set him free. She dies right as Priere goes in.

Obviously saddened, Priere nevertheless decides to mourn later and heads on to save Croix. His heart is still stuck in the past, so Priere knows exactly where to find him: under the tree on the hill (or at least, the heart version of it). She finds him, but he's unresponsive, having shut down his heart, and nothing Priere says makes him do anything more then blankly staring right at her for a few seconds. It's only after she hears Alouette's voice one last time, telling her to make her feelings known that she finally admits to Croix that she loves him. And that finally makes him react, though... not in the way she wanted. He asks her to kill him, because even if he goes back to normal, there's no telling when he could revert to being the Dark Prince. Priere refuses, after all, if he gives up that easily, it only means that he lets the darkness win. She tells him that even though she can't be like Angelique, she'd do her very best to help keep his dark side in check. Finally, that seems to make him snap out of his depressed state, and he finally agrees to return home.

But then, the darkness inside his heart appears, pretty pissed off about being left behind. So Priere and Croix, in one final effort, manage to purify the darkness, hopefully once and for all, freeing Croix from being the Dark Prince.

Upon returning home, Croix decides to go on a journey by himself as a penance for what he did, leaving Priere behind to wait for him to return. No time to be sad however, because, after all, she needs to resume her training to become the next Maiden of Light.

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